TV300: Toilevator® and TVG350: Toilevator GRANDE Toilet Base Riser

Instead of raising the toilet seat, raise the toilet with the Toilevator® and Toilevator GRANDE!

The Toilevator® and Toilevator® GRANDE were researched and developed at the world reknown Centre for Studies in Aging, a division of the Sunnybrook Health Science Center. This patented and award winning design is the safer, more hygienic, more stable and cost effective answer to the elevated toilet seat.

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How It Works

Plastic elevated toilet seats that fit into the toilet top, and are fastened to the top of your toilet, can be very unstable if not fastened securely. Their fastenings need to be checked regularly. These plastic elevated seats are difficult to clean, and can be quite unsanitary, especially when used by males when seated on them. Other family members also have to use them, or remove them before using the toilet. With Toilevator® and Toilevator® GRANDE you raise your toilet, and continue to use your regular toilet seat.


  • The Toilevator® can be used on most round or elongated toilets.
  • The Toilevator® GRANDE can be used on the newer and larger base toilets such as American Standard Boulevard & Antiquity series, Kohler Cimaron, Bancroft and Rialto series, Crane Titan series, Eljer Titan Pro series and many more.
  • A clean, sanitary and safe way to raise your toilet height.
  • Adds 3.5 inches in height as recommended by the ADA
    (23 1/4″ depth x 11 7/16″ width x 3 1/2″ height for Toilevator®)
    (28 3/4″ depth x 15 1/4″ width x 3 1/2″ height for Toilevator® GRANDE)
  • 500 lbs weight capacity.
  • Users sit on their actual toilet seat.
  • Discreet and durable, fits under your existing toilet.
  • The kit comes complete with all needed parts.
  • An inexpensive answer to purchasing a new, higher toilet.
  • One year warranty.
  • Can easily be removed, or moved, if the need is temporary.

How to Install

  • Easy to install, one-time-installation with a complete do-it-yourself kit: Spacer base, soil pipe extension, long closet bolts, hexagon nuts, washers, trim caps, wax seals, extended flexible water hose and installation instructions

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  • Easy to carry packaging
  • Package can be displayed horizontally or vertically